Table of Contents

I - Table of contents

II - Preface for the 2nd edition (2022)

III - Foreword – The Copernican model: pretty – yet impossible

Chapter 1: A brief history of geo-heliocentrism

Chapter 2: About binary / double star systems

Chapter 3: About our Sun-Mars binary system

Chapter 4: Introducing the TYCHOS model

Chapter 5: Mars , the “key” that Kepler never found

Chapter 6: Is Sirius the “twin” of our Solar System?

Chapter 7: The Copernican model : a geometric impossibility

Chapter 8: About the Sun's two moons: Mercury & Venus

Chapter 9: Tilts, obliquities and oscillations

Chapter 10: Requiem for the “Lunisolar Wobble” theory

Chapter 11: Earth’s PVP orbit (Polaris-Vega-Polaris)

Chapter 12: The relative motions of the Sun and Earth

Chapter 13: Our system's 'central driveshaft': the Moon

Chapter 14: The Moon: curing Newton’s headache

Chapter 15: Our Asteroid belts and Meteor showers

Chapter 16: Our Cosmic Clockwork and the “16 factor”

Chapter 17: “The Great Inequality” – solved by the TYCHOS

Chapter 18: Uranus, Neptune & Pluto prove the PVP orbit

Chapter 19: Our “Leap Day”: what is it for?

Chapter 20: Understanding the TYCHOS' Great Year

Chapter 21: A Man’s Yearly Path – and the Analemma

Chapter 22: Deconstructing Bradley & Einstein

Chapter 23: Are the stars much closer than believed?

Chapter 24: Dayton Miller – and the speed of Earth

Chapter 25: The ‘Negative’ Stellar Parallax demystified

Chapter 26: Probing Kapteyn, Hubble and Esclangon

Chapter 27: The MOMENTOUS incongruity

Chapter 28: Barnard’s star confirms the TYCHOS

Chapter 29: EROS & TYCHOS : love at first sight

Chapter 30: Halley’s comet : the Great Deceiver

Chapter 31: List of puzzles solved by the TYCHOS

Chapter 32: Epilogue: may reason prevail