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“Chi va piano va sano — e va lontano.” (old Italian adage)

("He who goes slowly goes well — and goes far")

This book is about the true configuration of our Solar System. It expounds and demonstrates - in logical and scientific manner - that the Copernican system that we have all been taught in school is geometrically impossible. In short, the Earth does not revolve around the Sun. Instead, the Earth (which moves at "snail-pace" around its 'barycentric' orbit) is located at the center of a binary system constituted by the Sun and Mars. This configuration of our Solar System was in fact proposed in the 16th century by Tycho Brahe - the most rigorous (yet most disparaged) observational astronomer of all times. The TYCHOS provides "the last piece of the puzzle" that Tycho Brahe, in his time, could not possibly have found - or figured out. As it is, my TYCHOS model is grounded on more modern astronomical observations which, for whatever reasons, have evidently been either overlooked, misinterpreted - or wilfully ignored by this world's scientific community.

I -Table of contents

II -Preface for the 2nd edition (2022)

III -Foreword - Welcome to the TYCHOS

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About the author

Chapter 1: A brief history of geo-heliocentrism

Chapter 2: About binary / double star systems

Chapter 3: About our Sun-Mars binary system

Chapter 4: Introducing the TYCHOS model

Chapter 5: Mars, the “key” that Kepler never found

Chapter 6: Is Sirius the “twin” of our Solar System?

Chapter 7: The Copernican model : a geometric impossibility

Chapter 8: About the Sun's two moons: Mercury & Venus

Chapter 9: Tilts, obliquities and oscillations

Chapter 10: Requiem for the “Lunisolar Wobble” theory

Chapter 11: Earth’s PVP orbit (Polaris-Vega-Polaris)

Chapter 12: The relative motions of the Sun and Earth

Chapter 13: Our system's 'central driveshaft': the Moon

Chapter 14: The Moon: curing Newton’s headache

Chapter 15: Our Asteroid belts and Meteor showers

Chapter 16: Our Cosmic Clockwork and the “16 factor”

Chapter 17: “The Great Inequality” – solved by the TYCHOS

Chapter 18: Uranus, Neptune & Pluto prove the PVP orbit

Chapter 19: Our “Leap Day”: what is it for?

Chapter 20: Understanding the TYCHOS' Great Year

Chapter 21: A Man’s Yearly Path – and the Analemma

Chapter 22: Deconstructing Bradley & Einstein

Chapter 23: Are the stars much closer than believed?

Chapter 24: Dayton Miller – and the speed of Earth

Chapter 25: The ‘Negative’ Stellar Parallax demystified

Chapter 26: Probing Kapteyn, Hubble and Esclangon

Chapter 27: The MOMENTOUS incongruity

Chapter 28: Barnard’s star confirms the TYCHOS

Chapter 29: EROS & TYCHOS : love at first sight

Chapter 30: Halley’s comet : the Great Deceiver

Chapter 31: List of puzzles solved by the TYCHOS

Chapter 32: Epilogue: may reason prevail

Appendix I — Table of Acronyms, Terms and Constants

Appendix II — Miscellaneous data for bodies in the TYCHOS system

Appendix III — Bibliography

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