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Dear reader,

In the footer of this book you will find a donate button. Thanks for supporting the past and ongoing Tychos research which, as you may imagine and appreciate, has not benefited from any institutional funding or study grant whatsoever.

The author of this book - Simon Shack, has spent more than a decade on this research and is an honest and intelligent man. Unfortunately we live in an age where these two traits combined are rarely rewarded.

"When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice, you may know that your society is doomed". - Ayn Rand

When I was offered to read the draft of this book in 2018, I was sceptical to say the least. How could something as widely-accepted as the current Solar System model be wrong!? However, since I knew that Simon had been right about many other things I had initially dismissed, I started reading. Although I frankly couldn't grasp much of it at the time, it somehow made sense to me, so I wanted to examine it further. And since I am a software developer I offered Simon my help making computer simulations of his suggested model. This is what later became the Tychosium 3D - the first simulator of our Solar System whose proposed configuration is in geometric and physical accordance with astronomical observations.

But I must admit that I didn't think, at the time, that this would be the outcome. I figured that somewhere along the road a problem with this model would surface. Yet, this hasn't been the case; so far, and step by step, all observations, experiments and cross-verifications have confirmed the TYCHOS model's validity. Today, it is actually hard for me to fathom how the current heliocentric model has managed to stand unquestioned for all of this time. My best guess is that, by means of arguments from authority, common people as well as proficient astronomers have been discouraged to question the dogma known as the Copernican model. And when a question is unaskable, it naturally follows that any answers are unwelcome. However, I hope that my and Simon's efforts to make this book and the Tychosium 3D simulator (opens in a new tab) as broadly available as possible will encourage more people to ask themselves unaskable questions such as: "Does Earth truly hurtle around the Sun at 90X the speed of sound?"

Thank you for your donation, it will actually contribute towards rectifying mankind's understanding of our Solar System!

Patrik Holmqvist — March 2022